Government Procurement

ICU has built its experience and expertise around challenges of public safety and security for government agencies. 



ICU holds a GSA Schedule 84 and California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract. Our GSA Schedule 84 contract enables ICU to sell directly to Federal government agencies as well as State and Local government agencies through the Cooperative Purchasing Program.   There are no dollar ceiling limitations to constrain the procurement process for both ICU and our customers through our GSA Schedule contract.   We maintain a CMAS contract as a back-up procurement option for California State or Local agency customers. 

Additionally, ICU offers financing options to make it easier for municipalities that don’t have immediate resources for capital expenditure projects. We want to help you find solutions that drive measurable outcomes first and figure out the financial aspects second. 

ICU understands the need for these services at every level of government. Read on to learn how we work at every level.

What this means for you:

The structure we have put in place for our government contracting vehicles means that:
  • We fit within state, local and federal guidelines for pricing approval and regulations
  • ICU is able to undertake large projects without having to break them up into multiple POs
  • Our organization offers bulk discounts on GSA contracts
  • All of our products and services have pre-negotiated pricing
  • Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process
  • Our dedicated GSA Contract Officer will assist you in managing the contract


Local municipalities have important safety and security concerns. Cities and towns are dependent on the people, businesses and tourists that can only be attracted to an area that’s safe and clean. This means safety and security are not only important for the well being of the citizens, but for the town and its managers as well.

One of the unique aspects of local government is the fact that budgets often restrict the scope and reach of projects that are necessary and beneficial to the citizens.

ICU can help by discovering ways to pool funding for different departments and develop solutions that benefit many different local departments, from police and public safety to maintenance and operations.



Local Police

At ICU, we understand the important role that technology plays in enforcing the law. We’re here to find a solution that is effective, efficient and has as much longevity as possible. Let us help protect everyone involved from civilians to law enforcement officers.

Public Works

When it comes to technology, one frequently overlooked entity of smaller governments is public works. It plays a huge role in protecting the assets in which the local population has invested time and money.

School Districts

It has never been more important to create and execute comprehensive safety strategies for students. While the concern is increasing, technological advancements have the potential to make a tremendous, positive impact on student safety. We’re here to build ground-up solutions that provide results.


Our GSA Schedule 84 contract enables ICU to sell directly to state and local government agencies through the Cooperative Purchasing Program. There are no dollar amount limitations to constrain the procurement process for both ICU and our customers through our GSA Schedule contract.  

This means that state officials can leverage ICU’s GSA Contract to bypass the bureaucratic challenges associated with government security projects and get to the heart of solving problems.



Land Management

Our experience working with local governments translates to the ability to bridge state departments and help prevent and solve crimes that occur on state property.

State Department of Transportation

The desire for increased efficiency in enforcing state traffic laws requires incorporating more artificial intelligence into the DOT. We can assess your needs, make recommendations and provide measurable results.

State Law Enforcement

Ubiquitous surveillance technology and automated process have never been more important to the safety of officers and citizens alike. It’s imperative for state departments to automate the functionality of the technology in order to ensure complete consistency in adoption as well as ease of access for review.


Our expertise in navigating bureaucratic processes extends all the way to federal agencies. Our GSA Contract helps to facilitate this efficiency. We pride ourselves in the fact that ICU is a “Total Solutions” provider for the federal government with our specific GSA Contract.



Department of Homeland Security

There are too many threats to expect to manage them all with manual labor. The solutions available today can help federal security agents do their jobs better, and we can help you understand the best way to implement those technologies.

Bureau of Land Management

Protecting our federal land and natural resources is imperative. Let’s work together to discover your biggest vulnerabilities and determine solutions that are the most efficient and effective.

Department of Defense

Security technology in defense = lives saved. We have a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs for security integration in defense and the ability to meet and exceed those needs quickly.

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