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We focus on delivering comprehensive and integrated solutions. The difference is that we don’t just take orders. We work with you to design comprehensive and integrated solutions that address the larger goals that you’re trying to meet and the deeper issues that you’re trying to solve. One of our most important roles is to educate everyone involved to ensure decision makers, technology support and maintenance have a system in place for purchase, implementation and support.

Threat Prevention
(Anonymous Reporting)

Prevention is the optimal security. It’s less expensive, requires less administrative and law enforcement resources, and has the potential to save human lives. Our focus on prevention is based on a combination of understanding human behavior and evolving technologies. 

  • Anonymous mobile reporting systems to allow anonymous reporting of potential threats.
  • Early warning threat detection systems to mitigate (or prevent) loss.
  • Perimeter weapon detection systems to keep your boundaries secure.

Wireless Duress

In an active threat situation, every second counts. One important innovation is the advent of wireless notification that facilitates the instantaneous and portable transmission of information to first responders.

  • Body-worn duress systems to keep officials and law enforcement connected. 
  • PC-enabled duress systems to put the power of notification back in the hands of your staff.
  • Radio-integrated duress systems to enable key employees to maintain connection at all times.
  • Perimeter gun detection systems to give the earliest possible notification of an active threat.

Audio-Visual Analytics

This evolving technology enables quick and safe responses to active threats. It’s the most ideal way to have eyes and ears on key locations to provide early detection of active threats.

  • Audio analytics for threats including audible aggression, gun shots, breaking glass and car alarms.
  • Appearance search leverages AI technology to find images of key suspects quickly.
  • License plate analytics for identifying vehicles involved in criminal activity.

Video Security/Access Control

Video security and access control are the cornerstones of many security solutions. While they are staples in many solutions, those technologies continue to evolve and provide new opportunities to increase the safety within the organization.

  • Live-Stream video gives law enforcement and first responders the ability to see active situations.
  • Mobile credential systems deliver a combination of convenience and safety.
  • Electronic lockdown enables the instantaneous ability to control entry strategically in emergency situations

Remote Power Solutions

How would you keep necessary parties updated while they’re en route to scene? We offer:


  • Remote solar power for surveillance systems.
  • Mobile surveillance for assurance of accountability during public interactions with law enforcement.
  • Millimeter wave wireless provides high speed, reliable and powerful wireless transmissions.

Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is only effective proactively if you have the staff available for monitoring, which is a luxury that few local, state or federal government agencies can afford. Let us round out your staff and provide the manpower that you need.

With ICU’s video monitoring solution:

  • Proactive live monitoring adds eyes to the surveillance of your most important facilities.
  • Remote talk-down feature allows security monitors to talk directly to individuals onsite during an event.
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